Healthcare Management Resources, LLC
Maximizing Reimbursements  •  Reducing Costs for Physicians

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About Healthcare management resources
Company Profile

Healthcare Management Resources is quickly becoming a significant presence in the Memphis market as an intelligent entity that has learned to optimize a medical practice.  Armed with technical expertise, a proven management team and a skilled staff, Healthcare Management Resources is positioned to allow physicians more time to bill revenues and reduce time resolving employee issues and worrying about efficiency related to reimbursement, contracting, accounting, and computers.

  • Healthcare Management Resources is able to seamlessly integrate into private and group practices, eliminate overhead, and improve cash flow

  • As an independent insurance billing entity, Healthcare Management Resources provides controlled management of physician’s reimbursement income stream

  • Healthcare Management Resources core staff combines communications, technical, financial, risk, and quality excellence and is strategically positioned to improve client’s financial performance, simply by getting the maximum amount due